Great Video on a Secret of Passing the PMP Exam

If you're studying for your PMP®, I think you must watch this video.  This guy, Jeff Minder (PMP) of Victory Vets, gets it. As a disclaimer, I am in no way profiting or promoting his service.  I just think he did an awesome job with this video.  While I've been working on HueCubed, I've realized the importance of memorizing page 43 of the PMBoK.  I don't think you can memorize the entire PMBoK and expect to pass the PMP Exam.  To be honest, I would hope you wouldn't.  The exam is a series of scenario based questions.  You are not going to be asked to define a project.  Rather, a lengthy statement will be made and you'll probably be asked if it is a project, operations work, both, or neither. But back to the video and memorizing page 43.

My analogy of memorizing page 43 is like a child memorizing his or her ABCs.  When they memorize their ABCs, they can then identify which letters are vowels and which are consonants.  They can then build words to put into sentences.  Sentences go into paragraphs...and so on and so on.  Memorizing the ABCs will not make kids literary geniuses.  Rather, they use the ABCs as building blocks for future learning.

When you're looking at page 43 of the PMBoK, you'll see Process Groups, Knowledge Areas, and processes.  You need to memorize these core processes and understand where they fit into the big picture of a project.  In this video, Jeff explains the proper way to read page 43.  Yes, there is correct way to read that page.

From my perspective, the other note to make about this video happens at 6:17.  The PMBoK and testing are written toward a projectized organizational perspective, in comparison to functional, matrixed, or composite.  Remember that!