Free Process Group and Knowledge Area Study Material


This is the number combination I want you to remember.

5 Process Groups

9 Knowledge Areas

42 Processes

A colleague of mine just passed his PMP® exam.  What was one of his regrets?  He should have memorized page 43 of the PMBoK.  Why?  Page 43 is an excellent road-map.  Go to any process on page 43 and you'll have a corresponding process group and knowledge area.

Want to Report Performance?  You'll find it at the crossroad of  Communications Management and Monitoring & Controlling. By memorizing the items on this page, you will be able visualize where you are within a project lifecycle and answer a bunch of questions on the exam.

To make it easy on you, I created a simple piece of study material, based on page 43 of the PMBOK

  • Page 1 has all of the process groups, knowledge areas, and processes
  • Page 2 is missing Initiating processes
  • Page 3 is missing Planning processes
  • Page 4 is missing Executing processes
  • Page 5 is missing Monitoring & Controlling processes
  • Page 6 is missing Closing processes
  • Page 7 is missing ALL of the processes

Click here to get a free PDF copy of this 7 page study worksheet.

With so many other things, memorizing isn't going to do you any good if you can't practically apply what you committed to memory.  I can't say I have a use case from the real world, where memorizing page 43 would apply.  But, if you want a leg up on passing the PMP® exam, I think it's a great start.