June PMP Certification Numbers Are In

Every month I get a copy of PMI Today and I annotate 3 data points: New PMP® for the month, new PMPs year-to-date (YTD), and total number of active PMPs. For the second month in a row, PMI did not include New PMP monthly numbers and the YTD total, opting to report just the overall number of active credential holders. This is not a problem since I have been tracking the PMP data for over a year.

With an impressive 645 more certifications than last month, the trend continues with the new number of PMPs in June totaling *4,630. Year-To-Date total is *28,211. There are a total of 389,726 active PMPs.

* Numbers based on YTD totals reported by PMI and historical data.

The current trend predicts PMI will hit 400,000 active PMP credential holders this year.

January February March April May June
New PMPs (Monthly) 3,714 3,713 5,344 4,718 3,985 4,630
New PMPs (YTD) 3,714 7,429 12,779 19,596 23,581 28,211
Total Active PMPs 367,619 371,014 375,959 381,111 385,096 389,726

I want to congratulate those 4,630 out there who passed the exam in June. It's no cakewalk and I recognize your efforts and achievement.

What do you think of the current certification velocity?  Are there too many PMPs being certified on a monthly basis; too few; just right?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.