July PMP Certification Numbers

Every month I get a copy of PMI Today and I traditionally annotate 3 data points: New PMP® for the month, new PMPs year-to-date (YTD), and total number of active PMPs. I'm going to change what I'm reporting because PMI isn't providing YTD totals anymore.  I could calculate the number but it doesn't provide much additional value.  Instead, I'm going to start including the other credentials in other posts.  This post will be limited to the PMP counts.

The PMP certification rate dropped by almost 1,000 in July to 3,687.  There are now a total of 393,413 active PMPs.

The current trend predicts PMI will hit 400,000 active PMP credential holders before the PMI Global Conference in October.  You read it here first.  I bet there will be an announcement at the conference.

January February March April May June July
New PMPs (Overall) 3,714 3,713 5,344 4,718 3,985 4,630 3,687
Total Active PMPs 367,619 371,014 375,959 381,111 385,096 389,726 393,413

I want to congratulate those 3,687 out there who passed the exam in July.

Any comments about the current numbers?