Feedback is Good Against Zombies

FeedbackI know people who basically show up at the office and get feedback from their superior once in a great while.  When they do get feedback, it's usually negative because they are not doing what the boss wants.  People, you can't expect your team to operate in a vacuum.  Don't let an annual review be the only time you talk to your team and rate performance.  If you do rate performance regularly and provide feedback, there will be countless opportunities for improvement.  There should be a constant exchange between managers and subordinates.  As a manager, you should be constantly asking people if they have everything they need.  Ask them how you can help them do their job better. We all know that only zombies come programmed to know exactly what to do.  They eat brains.  That's what they do.  They don't need to read a how-to-be-a-zombie handbook, provided by management, to find out what is expected of them.  They already know!  You can't say the same for non-zombies.  Give your people feedback and do it often.

Bob, you're doing a good job nailing that plywood over the windows.  Now, don't forget to cover that cat door.  We don't want any midget zombies getting in here.

See, that wasn't so bad, was it?  If you had waited until Bob's next annual review, you'd be overrun by midget zombies within a day.  That would be a clear failure of leadership.  You should feel obligated to provide continual feedback to your team and not become a zombie snack.

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