Project Voldemort

Don't be alarmed if you look at my LinkedIn profile or my professional site and don't see who's paying me or the project I'm working on.  Don't be alarmed if you read my posts or articles and notice the same.  Many know, if you ask me the time, I'll tell you how to build the clock.  That is, I'll give you all the details you never wanted to hear.  Sadly, when I informed a few people that I was going to be writing an article for PM Network magazine, I was asked not to write anything disparaging about the program I'm advising.  I was told it would bad if anything I said or wrote cast an unfavorable light on the project.  The question is, would it be bad or me or bad for the program?  How many of you out there in the industry have perfect projects, where nothing goes wrong?  It is reality!  We just learn as we go. Being I'm only allowed to advise and not allowed to enforce, I have to walk a bit of a tightrope.  Then again, I have a backlog of fodder I could write about. The fodder could actually have value to my readers. So, I will continue to write.

So, for you Harry Potter fans out there, I'll be calling the program I'm advising "Project Voldemort", the project "that-must-not-be-named".  As per requested, I've removed all references from anywhere I have control.  It really doesn't bother me.  If the name doesn't bring value, why use it?

Until a company contacts me, wanting me to write and talk about thing like those I post here on The Critical Path, pretend I'm a Muggle advising Project Voldemort.

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