AgileLIVE Webinar Series

Not seeing the productivity gains you expected?  Are you and your stakeholders losing confidence in your team's ability to deliver?  Are you sure you are measuring the right things? VersionOne and their Moving Agile into the Mainstream webinar series provides proven techniques to help you and your team with the tough issues facing agile managers, scrum masters and product owners.  Fifty-minute sessions feature case studies from teams that have succeeded in using agile methods to efficiently create better software.

Today, I saw "The Hybid PMO" by Sanjiv Augustine and Roland Cuellar of LitheSpeed

Even when agile methods succeed unequivocally at the team level, middle-management still faces two major, continuing challenges: managing a hybrid portfolio of agile and non-agile teams, and reporting progress upwards to the executive boardroom. How can PMOs bridge the gap between executive management weaned on plan-driven methods and predictability, and teams operating with agility in the face of uncertainty? How can they create a consistent reporting framework applicable to both agile and non-agile teams and communicate all-around progress effectively?

Sanjiv and Roland shared principles and techniques for the Hybrid PMO, and discussed some of the crucial management steps in establishing such a group, based upon their decade of experience in helping firms adopt agile at enterprise scale.

It doesn't matter if you want to learn from leading Agile pundits or just looking to get a few PMI PDUs.  This webinar was very enjoyable.  VersionOne will be uploading the webinar in a day or tow for those who were unable to join the live presentation.  All of this was FREE!

So, head on over to VersionOne and check out the other webinars from the series, from the likes of Dr. Alistair Cockburn, Bryan Stallings and Valerie Morris -  SolutionsIQ, and Michael Spayd - Collective Edge Consulting

The awesome Image and some of the content for this post courtesy of VersionOne