Biohazard Anniversary

Rather than be in the office, on my 2nd anniversary of advising a FedGov PMO, I'm at home.  Last weekend we went to a holiday party and one of the party-goers (who looked pretty bad) said she was really sick.  Um ya, thanks for that little holiday gift! My wife fell victim to the bug a few days later.  Might I say, without going into details, that it wasn't pretty.  I was a little nervous because I figured I would be next.  Additionally, I work in a common workspace.  I didn't want to infect the team with this. Last night, the other shoe dropped.  Our 5-year-old son was bitten by this unholy bug.  Let's just say we're waiting for the cleaning crew to arrive. Oh, and the smell!  What the hell is with the smells that go along with this kind of sick?

Sorry I don't have a good post about lessons learned from the last year.  Perhaps next week.  Until then, please go wash your hands! Mitigate the risk of getting this.