Lead By Example

I usually roll my eyes when I see those bumper stickers "My child is an Honor Student at BlaBla School".  I get it.  This parent is proud of the academic achievements of their child.  So, forgive me as I'm going to jump on the bandwagon. I'm not excited that my son got an award at school, stating he passed an academic test that his teacher gave him.  I'm excited because I know he passed (what I believe is) a more important test.  My son got an award because he was an example of outstanding character and displayed the trait of kindness.

I sometimes think we as individuals and organizations have our visions and our missions missaligned.  Strategically (our vision) we have a long term goal.  Tactically (our mission) we have a short term plan.  One of my goals in life is to not screw up my son and help him become a good person.  I hope I can help ensure that by leading by example.

If he chooses to lead others someday, will those who follow him think he's really smart or are they going to say he inspires them; that he's empathetic and kind?

Regardless if you see yourself as project manager or a project leader, think about your core values.  Think about how your actions will impact those around you.  Lead by example and see just how contagious it can be.