PMI Statistics through Nov 30, 2010

The November Project Management Institute (PMI) statistics are in.  The PMI now has over 409,159 active Project Management Professionals (PMPs) and 331,697 members. So, what's new? It looks like November was the best month in 2010 for those getting their PMP.  The one bit of data I took note of was the PMI membership numbers.  Over the last year, the data being displayed in PMI Today has changed.  It used to be, you could see how many new people got their PMPs.  The Fact File now shows only Total numbers of each credential.  It does, however, still show New (PMI) Members.

The January 2011 issue to PMI Today (page 5) indicates there are 8,502 new members.  In fact, there is an overall increase of just 1,696 members.  6,806 PMI Members chose not to renew their membership in November.  Unfortunately, based on the data, it appears people value the PMP credential more than the PMI membership.  Perhaps the PMI needs to adopt a free-mium model.  I think PMI should offer memberships for free or at a greatly discounted rate and then charge to maintain credentials or find other revenue streams.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
New PMPs (Net) 3,714 3,713 5,344 4,718 3,985 4,630
Total Active PMPs 367,619 371,014 375,959 381,111 385,096 389,726
Total PMI Members 314,721 315,106 317,962 317,787 317,989 318,421
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
New PMPs (Net) 3,687 3,965 2,681 3,161 5,939
Total Active PMPs 393,413 397,378 400,059 403,220 409,159
Total PMI Members 320,388 323,220 327,180 330,001 331,697

Source: PMI Today