Agile Leaders Think Like Entrepreneurs

I found a half written blog post that I never published.  Honestly, I did not know if I wrote it myself or if I was intending to quote someone.  Because I don't like to take credit for other people's work, I began a search.  After about 10 minutes, I found it.  Entrepreneur Jason Calacanis wrote the quote below, back in May of 2010. Rather than keep it hidden in the lost-and-found of my blog, I thought it was worth publishing.

Step 1: Find a need, trend and/or pain point... Step 2: Discuss possible solutions and products to address #1. Step 3: Prototype the solution in step two and share... Step 4: Discuss the possibility of scaling the prototype with the smartest folks in that vertical. Step 5: Find a team to manage the growth of this product and give it the support of a couple of partners... Step 6: Debate, iterate, engage, recruit, inspire, pivot and communicate...

My Scrum TeamThough I trimmed a few words for brevity, what I like about these 6 steps is you can take them out of context and the formula still works.  Jason was writing about how to be an angel investor & business creator.  I am writing about how to be a Product Owner or Agile Team Lead.

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