Free Drawings + Agile = Good

While I've been working with Pictofigo, they've developed over 800 free drawings (and a few premium drawings).  It's really exciting to discover blogs that are using Pictofigo drawings.  I see new drawings almost daily and more people will benefit from this free freehand drawing search engine. Recently, I was asked to write a guest post about an Introduction of Agile for Waterfall PMs. Now, I certainly believe if you're going to write a blog post, you have to have a drawing or graphic included.  Pictofigo Sprint Mockup Where else should I turn to get my drawing or graphic to capture Agile for non-agile people? For several years, I've seen people go over to Mountain Goat Software and use their illustrations and figures.  These are awesome and free!  Sometimes the users give credit to Mountain Goat, sometimes they don't (though they should).  So, to start fresh, I did a quick v1.0 mockup using free Pictofigo drawings.  It only took me about 20 minutes to do this.  What do you think?

For my first iteration, I captured the following:

  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • 2-4 week iterations (Sprints)
  • Daily (Scrum or Stand-up) meeting every 24 hours
  • Potentially deployable/shippable product increment

Though this is just a rough mockup, you get the idea.  Get out there an build something!  Hopefully, by the time I complete my guest post, I'll have a refined drawing for everyone to download.  Until then, iterate, iterate, iterate!