New ScrumMaster Poster

ScrumMasterOur newest Scrum poster(s) are ready!  We started with a poster that included the 3 primary roles of Scrum.  We then singled out each of the roles and made individual posters.  First up, the ScrumMaster.  This poster depicts a ScrumMaster with a taskboard and burndown chart behind him.  Below are the activities associated with the ScrumMaster as detailed by the Scrum Alliance. Please note, the female version of this poster will be out soon.

This poster has been discounted, compared to our others. Download the 300DPI image file for $14.99 to use on your own products or buy the poster!

Posters Mini (Size: 11" x 17") $9.99 Small (Size: 13" x 20") $17.99 Large (Size:23" x 34.5") $21.99