The Day of The Keynote

imageThis morning I had the honor of sharing the keynote stage with Ty Kiisel and Raechel Logan (The hosts of TalkingWork), Donna Fitzgerald (Research Director at Gartner), and Scott Johnson (Founder and CEO of AtTask). From the picture, you can see the size of the crowd that would fill the room a short time later. This was an amazing experience. It's one thing to present a topic in a conference session. It is a very unique experience to just have a good time in front of an audience of up to 500.

I really enjoyed talking to people throughout the day, answering questions about agile implementations and having them ask my advice to their challenges.

Though I'll keep this post short, I will be back to my normal posts, upon my return to the East Coast. This experience has given me the carity I needed to know I am going in the right direction.