Net PMI Numbers Are Up

I cracked open my May edition of PMI Today to review the monthly statistics.  Remember, the statistics are always a month behind.  I was impressed to see PMI added 11,681 new members in March, up from 9,750 new members in February.  Upon adding the numbers to my spreadsheets, March numbers looked better than the February, in respect to net PMI membership.  Though PMI added 11,681 new members, they also lost 6,857 (down from 8,076 lost members in February). I realized the net gain was 4,824 (up from 1,674 PMI members the previous month.  So, did the PMI do anything to increase their retention rates?  Time will tell. March 2011 Totals: Active PMPs: 423,515 PMI Members: 346,730 CAPM: 13,969 PMI-RMP: 741 PgMP: 553 PMI-SP: 440

PMI March 2011 Numbers

Source: PMI Today