True Measure of Character

I started my day slightly frustrated.  Upon offering my verbal resignation (last week) to my immediate superior, the company that I contact for gave no (written) response.  I was pretty certain my superior would inform them.  Because I wanted to be professional and also ensure they knew, I then offered a written letter or resignation to both my superior and the corporate office.  Again, I received no response.  As each day has passed, my customer (the PMO) has grown increasingly agitated knowing that I made a company a lot of money and they aren't even recognizing that I'm leaving. Because I felt obligated that the entire PMO knew I was leaving, I sent out a group email.  I've received multiple emails (from members of the PMO) wishing me well and thanking me for my service.  I even received an email from the vendor, who I wasn't always kind to.

I think the true measure of character is when things don't go as planned.  I tweeted that and Dennis Stevens responded "It isn't character until its tested".  So, I'll revise my statement.

I think the true measure of character happens when things don't go as planned and it is tested.

I'm still refining the statement but I'm glad I wrote it.  It made me feel a little better.  Through all of this, I don't plan to say who I contracted for.  There is no value in people knowing their name.  The checks were in my bank account on time and for that I am grateful.  They allowed me to take care of my customer and in turn I made them a lot of money.

Many were surprised that I am leaving.  The PMO probably would have kept me until it was either dissolved or the contract ran out.  I understand how a Government PMO works but my heart is still with Agile education, transformation and adoption.

I did finally get an email, today, though it wasn't what I expected.  I expected something short like "Best of luck in your future endeavorers."  Instead it read "Don't forget to turn in your badge by 11am on Friday".

Dennis, I think they failed the test.

Drawing by Pictofigo