The Agile Mindset

Agile MindsetAs I look back at the last year, I am amazed at how much has changed in my life. I left my position advising the Federal Government for something that aligned closer to what I felt inside my heart and mind. I didn't want to "do" Agile. I wanted to "be" Agile. There is a profound difference.  Doing Agile is what you do externally.  Being Agile is what's on the inside.  Being Agile is defined by your values, guiding principles, and mindset.

Agilists tend to have very different ideas and attitudes in which we approach a situation, especially when the situation is seen as being difficult to alter.  We fall into that group of innovators, technology enthusiasts, early adopters, and visionaries.

A colleague and I just completely an Agile assessment, where we interviewed over 60 people in an organization.  When we told them we were hired to  shepherd them through an Agile transformation, the responses were pretty consistent.  They pretty much all agreed there was a need for a cultural shift within their organization.  They needed to begin leaning toward an Agile mindset.

I'm excited to see the benefits they will realize by doing Agile.  But, I'm even more excited to see what is possible, if they start being Agile.

Image Source: Pictofigo