Red Coffee Cups Are A Distraction

I'm hearing a lot of hub-bub about people being offended by Starbuck's for not including more design on their red coffee cups during the holiday season.  Merely having a red cup does not seem to be enough for some people.  Being offended by this is creating a distraction from the real tragedy.  The tragedy is Starbuck's coffee really isn't that good!  People are offended because a corporate organization chooses not to do something extra?  Seriously, this is your biggest gripe?  How about asking them to put better coffee in the cup!?  I'm offended that they continue to pass off this coffee as a premium product.  It just doesn't taste that good.  So, before Starbuck's goes off and starts printing blue cups for Hanukkah and some other colors or Ramadan or Diwali, they should try roasting some coffee worth paying premium prices for. A corporate organization has the right to not print whatever they want.  The narcissists in our society need to accept that people are different and corporate organizations do not need to pander to them, just because they think they are different or special.  You are not special or different, if you are drinking Starbuck's coffee.  Get in line, order your pumpkin spice latte, and stop complaining that the cup is red or that they spelled your name wrong.