Create Awesome Things

I love to create awesome things.  I've created job aids, templates, a blog, a book.  I just like to create things people can use and/or enjoy.   With the exception of items I do with a client, I think I create for the sake of creating. It's an outlet. I recently started creating motivational or thought-provoking images on Instagram.  It's not a get-rich-quick scheme or anything like that. It's just me creating something to be consumed by an audience.


Within the last few weeks, people have started to "like" my images.  1, 2, 10, 20, 50,...  Each image I post gets more and more likes. The amount of likes that took me 5 weeks before now only takes me 5 minutes.  At the time of writing this, my most liked image has 75 likes. I'm curious how much longer until I hit 100 and beyond.


Just in the last few days, people I didn't know previously to Instagram are commenting about the images I'm creating.  It's actually pretty flattering to read these comments. Now, I'm not only engaging in mini conversations with them but I'm also finding these people on other social platforms like Twitter and Snapchat.


One of the interesting byproducts of this experience is I'm getting more and more of an audience on the Instagram platform.  When I started doing this a few months ago, I had no followers.  I now have a 160.  I understand it's not a lot but they seem pretty engaged. The same people are liking and commenting against each image I post.  I'm now also following some of them and am exposed to some amazing artwork, photography, and images.  A small community has emerged. The question still remains how big this community will become and what what exactly binds us together.

Until then, I will work hard to create awesome things for them and others.

Create Awesome Things