Agile Baltimore on March 2, 2018

Agile Baltimore

We fought the wintery and windy bomb cyclone to meet for coffee and conversation.  Traffic sucked. There were trees down. Thankfully, there was power, heat, and coffee!

What we discussed

  1. *** Product First or Process First. How do you solve a problem?
  2. **** Requirements - From business translating to tech. 
  3. **** Why do organizations fail to address cultural issues before implementing Agile?
  4. Hands-on experience dealing with EPMO/Compliance and Agile
  5. What management practices impede Agile? How to address?
  6. *** Agile in FDA compliance environment
  7. * Bugs on Scrum Team
  8. Managers. How do you deal with them?

* Topics with the most stars were discussed first.

What are your thoughts on the topics? Conversation and respective dialog welcome.