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Domain specialty is good in project management

Shortage of specialized project managersIf you're a general project manager, and you're looking for work, you're probably not finding as much available work or noticing people are not willing to pay you as much as they used to.  With an increased amount of people choosing project management as their profession, you need to find a way to stand apart from them.  If you focus on a niche market or vertical or refine your skills in a particular knowledge area, you may find yourself in great demand and commanding a much higher rate.

Lindsay Scott asks some excellent questions.

  • Think about your own situation and circumstance; if you were to market your own specialism what would it be?
  • What areas of business and industry are looking for your particular specialism?
  • How can you work the current marketplace demands to your advantage?
  • To get more on this topic, read more from Arras People and Lindsay Scott.

    How to Thank a Managed Camel

    How to Manage a CamelMy post today is an easy one.  I was informed I am the winner of the very first Freedom of Speech February (FOSF) giveaway from How to Manage a Camel.  My comments last week on a blog post by Gary Holmes earned me a free copy of the Method123 Project Management Methodology (MPMM™) Professional from their partners at Method123. All I did was pass praise in my comments on a Holmes post regarding common courtesy and the little things candidates should do beyond merely sending in a CV.

    Reading his post inspired me to write a post of my own, THE most important thing is the customer.  I sometimes get a little worked up over the need (not the want) for common courtesy or being polite.  What else is free to you but can carry so much value to others?

    So, thank you to the team over at Arras People and How to Manage a Camel.  You provide wonderful insights on your blog and I enjoy reading it while having my first cup of coffee every morning.

    My advise to people out there is to get involved in the conversation.  Your thoughts and opinions are important and they should be heard (or read). I didn't post a comment because I thought I could win a contest.  I did it because I thought Gary wrote a great piece and he should be recognized for it.

    If there is one thing you do today, recognize someone for the work they do.  You never know how you may be rewarded for that selfless act.