New PMI Member Benefits

PMI Visa CardRemember the American Express slogan, Membership Has Its Privileges? Well, PMI is working on providing more membership privileges...and benefits for your $129 a year membership dues.

What would you think about getting your medical insurance or next credit card through PMI?

Personally, I would be happy with PMI discount codes for travel expenses like hotel and airlines or consumables like Sharpies and Post-It notes.  Check out what PMI is offering!  I may actually look into the Pet Insurance.

These new member benefits initially will be available to PMI members in the United States. Members can learn more about these programs by visiting the Benefits of Membership page on

Insurance Benefits

· Auto · Prescription Discounts · Home · Medical · Dental · Life Insurance · Pet Insurance · Annuities

PMI Credit Card

· No annual fee · Low introductory APR on purchases and no balance transfer fees for six months · 1% cash back that can be used on merchandise, travel (no blackout dates), event tickets, activities, gift cards, and account credits

How to Help PMI Chapters & Members

After speaking with a few PMI Chapters, I see them (at least the ones I spoke to) suffering from one major issue.  How to they grow their membership?


Because PMI has created an ecosystem where people pay serious money to prepare for certification exams and then continue to pay good money for Professional Development Units (PDU)s to maintain those certifications, why don't the Chapters capitalize on that?  The PMI Chapter is much more than a monthly opportunity to exchange business cards.  They are a conduit to continued education.

PMI Chapters are trying to provide value to and grow their memberships.  If the membership drops too low, clearly there can be a problem. With the average annual dues for a PMI Chapter (in the United States) at $25, what value can they provide as an incentive to join the Chapter? Additionally, without collecting enough membership dues, PMI Chapters have to find other forms of revenue to sustain themselves.

I believe the solution to growing PMI Chapter membership (or PMI membership) is to make it more cost effective to be a member (of both) than it is to be a n0n-member pursuing or maintaining a PMI credential.  PMI and PMI Chapters should adopt the old American Express slogan membership has its privileges.

Idea 1:

The cost for PMI membership is $129 to join and $119 to renew (annually).  The cost for annual PMI Chapter membership averages $25.  PMI should require all Registered Education Providers (REP) to extend a discount to exam preparation training by more than $150 to PMI Chapter members.  Right there, the membership has paid for itself.  On top of that, they should discount single PDU offerings by at least 10%.

Idea 2:

REPs should profit share with the PMI Chapters. I see PMI Chapters selling advertising to training providers.  That model doesn't really scale.  Training providers are paying for advertising in the hope there will be revenue generated to justify the cost.  This caps the revenue the Chapter can make and provides no guarantee to the training vendor that the investment is worth while.  Why don't the Chapters just ask for a percentage of revenue with the agreement to distribute the training option to their membership?  It's a win-win agreement.

Idea 3:

PMI Chapters should make deals with authors and suppliers, to offer the same type of profit sharing model.  Think of Amazon affiliate links.  It costs you nothing to promote these products but if people trust your recommendation, you could potentially create revenue.  The same goes for the PMI Chapters.  If their membership trusts them, they could provide them discounts on products and services AND get a referral fee.


Again, remember the old slogan for American Express.  Membership has its privileges.  It doesn't matter if you are a member of PMI, The Scrum Alliance, or Agile Leadership Network.  Membership SHOULD also provide discounts.

Or course I want to put my money where my mouth is.  My PMI-ACP 3-day workshop is $1495.  If a PMI Chapter member wants to take my class, they need only to identify the chapter they are a member of and I'll discount the cost of the workshop to $1250.  That will save them $245.  Additionally, I'll send $150 to the PMI Chapter they belong to.  If interested, just contact me.

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AgileScout Discount Code

Agile Scout PMI-ACP Discount CodeAs I'm ramping up my training offerings through LitheSpeed, I realized I would face the same marketing challenges that plagued my start-up back in the 90's.  What's the difference between now and then?  This time, we have tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and of course blogs. As many of you know, even if you have the greatest idea since sliced bread, if you can't get the word out, you will fail.  With that, I am distributing unique discount codes to different social circles.  I am also sharing unique discount codes with friends and colleagues, like Peter Saddington over at AgileScout. Thank you, Peter! Read more over at that AgileScout blog.

Sign up for the September 26-28 PMI-ACP workshop.