New Agile Training Classes Announced

ICAgile Accredited CourseThough I've been doing Enterprise Agile Coaching with LeadingAgile for over a year now, I haven't been doing a lot of training (or blogging).  I've been sticking to agile transformation work and the occasional private class.

Well, it's time for an update.  Dennis Stevens and myself co-authored the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) Agile Project Manager learning objectives back in February.  The result was a solid certification even a PMP could respect.

New Classes and Locations

LeadingAgile has decided to offer more public training.  We're offering classes in Atlanta, Denver, Orlando, and Washington DC.


Certified ScrumMaster certification class

Certified Scrum Product Owner certification class


PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification prep class


Fundamentals of Agile (CIP certification awarded)

Agile Project Management (to be announced)

Are in interested in some public training?

Send me an email and I'll get you a special discount code.

PMI Puerto Rico Simposio Anual

Imagine barely missing the Nor'easter up in Connecticut, only to land in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico 24 hours later for the PMI Puerto Rico Simposio Anual. That was me last week. My time in Puerto Rico was short but I met some amazing people and had a great time.  I spent one day offering a seminar on Agile Project Management and one day as a Simposium Speaker.  There was a lot of interest around Agile and what it is (and what it is not).  It was exciting to have the opportunity to interact with a completely different group of people, not focused on U.S. Government related work.  Just to confirm, not everyone is Washington D.C. is, but I would argue a large group I spoke to last month at the Washington DC PM Symposium were.  The people I spoke with this last week were entrepreneurs, company presidents, and managers...  What I found as the common thread was not on keeping a schedule or staying on budget.  It was about satisfying customers, maximizing ROI, and responding to constant change.  Regardless of the language barrier on my side, they could understand what I was talking about, confirmed by the nodding heads and mouthed "sí." I want to thank PMI Puerto Rico for being such amazing hosts.  There is something very notable I want to point out about their symposium.  Much like the symposium attendees, the organizers' primary concern appeared to not be keeping the symposium on a tight schedule.  The focus was ensuring the people attending got as much value as they could provide in the time they had.

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PMI Global Congress Presentation on VMS

I am back from the PMI Global Congress in Vancouver, British Columbia. My lack of fancy pants went pretty much unnoticed.  I brought plenty of energy (and coffee) to my session and it appears people were very happy with the results.  I was referred to, at one point, as the Energizer Bunny and even the PMI quoted me.

I definitely left people wanting more.  It was an introductory talk and I only had 1:15 to present.  With 20 minutes dedicated to people in the audience working together to create their own Visual Control Systems, I found myself all over the room and loving every second of it.

It was great to meet people I've known for several years via the blog and through the PMI Agile Community of Practice.  It was also great to meet so many new people excited about Agile becoming more mainstream.

Side note: If you saw me limping during my session and at the Congress, it was because I may have a fractured heel.  I guess my OJ Simpson run through the airport to make my flight did it.

Agile 101 – Presented at the PM Symposium

I want to thank everyone for coming out to the PMI Washington D.C. Project Management Symposium. It was a great crowd. The ballroom was full and I was told there were up to 400 people in the room for my talk. As promised, here is the SlideShare of my presentation.  If you go to the SlideShare site, you have the ability to download it.

Thank you VersionOne for the content for two of the slides.

Speaking at the PMI Global Congress

Well, the wait is finally over. My paper, "Traffic Lights to Burndowns, an introduction to Visual Management Systems" was selected for presentation at the PMI Global Congress being held in Vancouver, British Columbia in October.  Now all I have to do is respond to this letter by Friday and fill out yet even more paperwork.