Agile Process Posters v2.0

Agile Process Poster I am happy to announce the collaboration with Pictofigo has resulted with a new Agile Process poster. The new process poster includes product backlogs, sprint backlogs, and user stories. We have these posters in three sizes and they come in both male and female styles.  Want to hang some original artwork in your team area, while helping people understand the standard Agile process?  Check them out!

Week Retrospective 110130

Posts this week

I was a guest of AgileScout Live.  I really enjoyed myself.  Check out my video interview and retrospective.

I wrote about how I’m always looking for ways to communicate with team members, vendors, and customers.  When trying to understand the range of communications, I recently reassessed what I thought the opposite of communications was.  I no longer believe it is silence.  See some of my examples on why the opposite of communications is manipulation.

I loved this 10 minute video by Mike Cottmeyer, I had to write a post for it.  Though I frequent the LeadingAgile website, I had to do a little more than just retweet a link in support of this post.  For those who are new to Agile, Scrum, or Kanban, you need to carve out 10 minutes and watch this video on blending Scrum and Kanban.

After we published our first Scrum Posters, I was asked if we were going to create Non-Scrum Posters.  The answer is YES!  This week, we completed our (first) one-of-a-kind Pictofigo Project Management poster.  The Project Management Process Groups poster is now available!

Like so many this year, I got snowed in.  Unable to go into the office, I instead blogged about how our HOA handled the situation compared to the great snow storms of last year.

I recently read a pre-published copy of the Scrum Pocket Guide: A Quick Start Guide To Practical Agile Software Development by Peter Saddington of AgileScout.  I'm giving away one free PDF copy of the book.  Find out how to get registered to win.

Want to use the blog image for free? Find this drawing at Pictofigo