Good Customer Service

This post is relatively short and sweet.  Today I got my first Verizon Wireless bill.  It had an initiation fee of $35.00 on it.  Seriously?  I realize we all need to make a buck but this was ridiculous.  When setting up my account, I didn't even talk to anyone.  I did everything online. I called Verizon Wireless, since they don't have a Twitter account. (that's right, I asked them)  I realize the agent on the other side had to have a script she had to follow.  I couldn't be too demanding.  I was quick and too the point.

Hi, I'm a new Verizon Wireless customer.  I got my first bill and there is a $35 charge for initiating the phone.  I don't recall reading anything about this fee and I think it's excessive.  What can you do to make me feel better about this situation?

The agent paused for a few seconds.  She apologized and said I should have seen something mentioning the charge on the last screen before I purchased my plan.  Regardless, she appreciated the fact that I am a new Verizon Wireless customer and offered me one month free voice service. ($39.99)

That's all it took.  I'm a happy customer and I wanted to tell others.  Just remember, when providing good customer service, a little empathy goes a long way.

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THE most important thing is the customer

Remember the last time you were at the grocery store and the clerk responded by saying something unrelated to what you asked? This cashier is focused on ringing up your items.  They don't engage you at all.  No hello; no how are you; no did you find everything.  He or she finishes ringing up all of your items and you forward a have a nice day and they respond with something canned like you're welcome. You're welcome?  Did I say thank you? No, I didn't.  I offered a pleasantry. Just have a nice day.  Goodbye, our business relationship has completed.  Have a nice life. This is just simple and common courtesy.  It is being polite.  Your parents should have taught you these things as a child.  If you want something, say please. If someone holds the door for you, you damn well better say thank you...and if someone thanks you, say you're welcome.

So, why do so many people forget this in business?  I understand some customers can be difficult.  I understand user expectations can sometimes be unrealistic.  But let me say this.  Take a minute to listen to what your customer is saying.  You should be polite and courteous to them as often as you wash your hands after going to the bathroom.  If you don't do that 100% of the time, you have more problems then being polite.  But I digress.

Your customer is THE most important thing in your job.  It's not the process you follow.  It's not the product or service you offer.  It's the customer. Wait, did I say that?  Let me say it again. THE most important thing is the customer.  Listen to them.  Be polite.  Deliver value.

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