Shared Items in Google Reader

Yesterday, I listened to This Week in Google 3 (TWIG) on the way home from the office.  They talked about a TechCrunch article detailing new features of Google Reader.  Though I don't believe I've discovered my one-stop-shop to find or disseminate information I digest and enjoy on a daily basis, I feel Google Reader is heading in a good direction.  The hard part is just incorporating it into my current routine.  As soon as I arrive at the office, I check email, voicemail, and then it's off to Google Reader and Twitter.  I do all of this before  8AM.  It's not that I intentionally make this a habit.  It just is. Google ReaderSo, in the spirit of early adoption, I'm going to attempt to use one of the new social features of Google Reader.  It is the sharing of items from Google Reader in my Google Profile and distribute to social sites like Facebook, Twitter...  My first share is Visualizing the Flow: Polar-State Based Personal Kanban with Habit Trackers via Evolving Web by Jim Benson on 8/1/09.  You can find it at

What is my new habit?  Share at least one item I read in Google Reader to my Google Profile and Twitter on a daily basis.  Enjoy!